A GoapSet is a collection of all possible Goals and Actions that an agent can utilize. By using different GoapSets, you can customize the behavior of various agents, allowing each to have its unique set of Goals and Actions.

GoapSet Config

The GoapSetConfig is the tool used to define and organize a GoapSet. It comprises several properties that detail the available configurations for an agent:

1. Goals

Description: Goals represent the objectives or desires of an agent. They define what the agent wants to achieve.

This property holds a list of GoalConfigs, detailing the various objectives an agent can pursue.

2. Actions

Description: Actions are the tasks or behaviors an agent can perform. They are the means by which an agent tries to achieve its goals.

This property contains a list of ActionConfigs, outlining the set of actions available for the agent to execute.

3. Target Sensors

Description: Target Sensors help the agent identify and locate important positions or objects in the game world. They can point to static locations or dynamic entities that might move.

This is a list of TargetSensorConfigs, assisting the agent in determining key positions or targets it should be aware of.

4. World Sensors

Description: World Sensors allow the agent to perceive and understand various states or situations in the game. They provide the agent with information about the environment, helping it make informed decisions.

This property holds a list of WorldSensorConfigs, enabling the agent to gather data about the game's current state.

By configuring the GoapSetConfig appropriately, you can tailor the behavior and capabilities of agents, ensuring they act and react in ways that suit the game's requirements.

Agent Debugger Class

By defining an agent debugger class you can customize the data show in the node viewer in the Agent data box. The agent debugger class must inherit from IAgentDebugger and be assigned to the property.

using CrashKonijn.Goap.Interfaces;
using Demos.Shared.Behaviours;

public class AgentDebugger : IAgentDebugger
    public string GetInfo(IMonoAgent agent, IComponentReference references)
        var hunger = references.GetCachedComponent<HungerBehaviour>();
        return $"Hunger: {hunger.hunger}";

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