Through Code

Setting up your GOAP system using code is the most flexible way to configure your GOAP system. This method is more difficult to use than the ScriptableObjects method, but allows for a much more dynamic setup.

Info By using code to setup your GOAP system, you can use generic classes. This can make the setup of your GOAP system more flexible.

Example The complex demo uses code as the configuration method.


To create a set, you must create a class that inherits from GoapSetFactoryBase. This class must implement the Create method which returns a IGoapSetConfig. To make building the set easier, you can use the GoapSetBuilder class.

using CrashKonijn.Goap.Behaviours;
using CrashKonijn.Goap.Classes.Builders;
using CrashKonijn.Goap.Configs.Interfaces;
using Demos.Complex.Classes;
using Demos.Complex.Classes.Items;
using Demos.Complex.Factories.Extensions;
using Demos.Complex.Interfaces;
using Demos.Shared;

public class GoapSetConfigFactory : GoapSetFactoryBase
    public override IGoapSetConfig Create()
        var builder = new GoapSetBuilder("ComplexSet");
        // Goals
            .AddCondition<IsWandering>(Comparison.GreaterThanOrEqual, 1);

            .AddCondition<IsHungry>(Comparison.SmallerThanOrEqual, 0);

        // Actions

            .AddCondition<IsInWorld<IEatable>>(Comparison.GreaterThanOrEqual, 1)

        // Target Sensors


        // World Sensors


        return builder.Build();

Adding the set to GOAP

Add the created class to a GameObject in the scene. Add it to the list on the GoapRunnerBehaviour component. This will initialize the set.

Adding the set to the agent.

Using a script, set the GoapSet property on an agent.

var goapRunner = FindObjectOfType<GoapRunnerBehaviour>();
var set = goapRunner.GetSet("ComplexSet");

agent.GetComponent<AgentBehaviour>.GoapSet = set;

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