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The complex example uses code as the configuration method. The demo scene can be found in Demos/Complex/Scenes/ComplexDemoScene.unity.
There are 4 type of agents:
  • Cleaner (Orange). They grab items laying on the floor and bring them to boxes.
  • Smith (Blue). When there are enough materials he will craft an Axe or Pickaxe. He needs Wood and Iron to craft the tools.
  • WoodCutter (Green). When there isn't enough Wood in the world, they will chop wood from trees.
  • Miner (Pink). When there isn't enough Iron in the world, they will mine iron from rocks.
Each agent has 2 base goals: WanderGoal and FixHungerGoal. The WanderGoal will make the agent wander around the scene. The FixHungerGoal will make the agent eat apples. The agent will only eat apples if it is hungry. The agent will only wander if it is not hungry.


The goap set builder can be found in Demos/Complex/Factories/CleanerGoapSetConfigFactory.cs.
Clenaer graph


The goap set builder can be found in Demos/Complex/Factories/SmithGoapSetConfigFactory.cs.
Smith graph

Wood Cutter

The goap set builder can be found in Demos/Complex/Factories/WoodCutterGoapSetConfigFactory.cs.
Wood Cutter graph


The goap set builder can be found in Demos/Complex/Factories/MinerGoapSetConfigFactory.cs.
Wood Cutter graph
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