TargetKeys play a pivotal role in the GOAP system by specifying positions or locations within the game environment. These keys help the Planner calculate the distance (and added cost) between Actions and the precise location an Agent needs to reach before executing a particular action.

Each TargetKey is associated with a TargetSensor. This sensor is responsible for determining and providing the exact position corresponding to the TargetKey. In essence, while the TargetKey acts as a label or identifier for a location, the TargetSensor ensures that this label is mapped to a valid and up-to-date position in the game world.

Creating a TargetKey

Using ScriptableObject:

  1. In the Unity editor, right-click on a desired folder.

  2. Navigate to Create > Goap > TargetKey to generate a new TargetKey.

Using Code:

To programmatically create a new TargetKey, you'll need to define a new class that inherits from the TargetKeyBase class.


using CrashKonijn.Goap.Behaviours;

public class WanderTarget : TargetKeyBase

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